Thursday, June 1, 2017

You Have Chosen Me

If you really know me and I tell you that May 2017 was the "busiest month" ever in my life, you wouldn't believe me because I'm ALWAYS busy.  BUT it really was... and sadly, I was operating on sheer adrenaline.  Then before May came to a close, this song slammed into my face... Thank you for your reminder, Lord.  I am humbled.  I am nothing without You.



Mighty One I thank You for Your goodness

Undying love that saved me from the darkness

You have chosen me, You have chosen me

With Your Spirit, I will carry on

To spread Your love to each and everyone

You have chosen me, you have chosen me

Heighten my hearts desires to serve You Lord
To use me as a vessel of Your selfless love
Awaken Your spirit in me; fill me with Your grace
To bear a love like Yours

To bring people back to Your embrace

Sunday, April 5, 2015

To the Christian Life Teachers and Theology Professors of the STCJPYM

To the Christian Life teachers and Theology professors of the youth we call the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish Youth Ministry:

     It is with joy that I share with you pictures (with credits to the owners) of how your students, the members of our Parish Youth Ministry (PYM), spent the last days of Lent this year: they woke up early to practice for their service in the High Masses or for their dances for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and then they also gave up their afternoons to practice for the living Stations of the Cross for Holy Wednesday.  Yes, unlike most of their peers, they resisted the desire to stay in bed until lunch time and bore the heat of the early afternoon sun during practice.  Needless to say, it was an inspiration to watch them live out their faith. 

Production team and cast of the Living Stations of the Cross
     I, too, am a former CL teacher (one member of our PYM was a student of mine) and I recall how a seasoned colleague of mine shared that unlike other subject teachers who teach inside the classroom, “We only begin our lessons when we step out of the classroom.”  I would like to believe that we have taught our students well (by the lives that we have lived) and that they have shared their faith with others in the same way that we shared our faith with them.

Sr. Judy and our kapitan 
Jesus falls 
The people of Jerusalem
The Women of Jerusalem

    While getting ready to put on his Crucifixion costume, the boy who played Jesus in our living Stations of the Cross stated, “Buti nalang love ko si Jesus.” setting his heart right (as well as the hearts of the rest of the cast and crew).  It wasn't just something to do to while away the was for the love of Jesus.

The STCJP Youth Ministry with our Shrine Rector and Parish Priest
Fr. Aly Barcinal
PYM Animators with Fr. Aly and Sr. Judy before performing the "Dance of Fire"
STCJP Knights of the Altar before the Blessing of Fire and Water
    Your students, our youth ministers, made my Holy Week a more meaningful one through their boundless energy and enthusiasm to serve God in more ways than one.  Let us all pray that they, together with the rest of the youth ministers around the world, continue to love Jesus and promulgate the Catholic faith.

All for God’s greater glory! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

While Cleaning Up My Yahoo Account

While cleaning up my Yahoo Account, I found something I had copied from a blog last year.  If my memory serves me right, I came across this while preparing for our school's orientation.  Anyway, I just posted it on Instagram and tagged a number of friends with toddlers.  Got a handful of likes already. It was also favorited by "Dads Being Dads" on Twitter...don't even know who owns that account.  Hmmm... So I guess it struck a chord for a number of folks out there, so I believe it is worth sharing here.  Here's to parenting and teaching!

Monday, November 4, 2013

One Thousand Gifts to Thank God For (66-75)

66)  October 28, 2013 R & R in Tagaytay with Mike and Iya before THE planning.
67)  Catching up with "birthday boy" kuya Jojo (and the rest of the family) over cups of coffee (still in Tagaytay).
68)  PTC planning (in Tagaytay pa din) last October 29 & 30, 2013 with the guidance of our awesome brother and mentor, Arcie.
69)  2 PTC centers in 4 years!
70)  Sunday mass, breakfast at Rustic Mornings and grocery galore with the folks.
71)  Daddy Rudy is home after a night in the hospital.
72)  50 days before Christmas!
73)  50 days before hubby turns another year older!
74)  52 days before my (not so) baby brother comes home!
75)  Renewed zealousness to protect and pursue my personal prayer time and scripture reading.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Thousand Gifts to Thank God For (58-65)

58)  Silid Aralan, Inc. learners giving back to their community
59)  Short but meaningful chat with mom
60)  Opportunity to learn how to handle children with special needs
61)  Reminder to "Reinforce the best and ignore the rest"
62)  Text from Romy
63)  Sunday nightcap with good friends
64)  Found a "Diet Buddy"
65)  CCE Outing to Villa Escuadero and Ugu Bigyan's Garden and Restaurant  

Monday, June 3, 2013

One Thousand Gifts to Thank God For (53-57)

53)  Dinner out with dad and mom: Dinner Time = Family Time
54)  My folks and Noehl's folks get along 
55)  Order of the Phoenix
56)  Making old people happy
57)  Making young people happy

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brain Fart: Unplugged

I have observed that it takes longer for an iPad to charge when it is plugged into a computer than when it is plugged into a wall socket.  This is something I have observed in myself as well....

I have been plugged into my computer every evening for so many months now that I have been slow to charge spiritually.  It has been so long since I really plugged into the one true source of strength.  My prayer time is at an all time scripture reading is barely passing and I have been doing things that dishonor my God.  It is about time that I clean up my system.       

I really need to learn to discipline myself once again when it comes to faithfulness to my promises to my God.  I haven't been showing up for our "dates" for quite a while.  I'm a lousy date!

Message to brain:  It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Let's bring back the habit of defending our prayer time (by God's grace)!