Monday, May 25, 2009

Coming of Age

We pulled off a movie premiere debut last Saturday night!

It had all the frills of a real movie premiere: autograph-seeking groupies, a red carpet host (with a live feed inside the ballroom entertaining the early birds), a photowall, a ticketbooth and of course, a popcorn stand.=) We had our LCD screen dressed up to look like a movie theater screen. Each table had a photo reel of the debutante’s photos and a poster of one her favorite movies (we had 23 tables). During dinner, 3 minute clips of her favorite movies were shown --- cue for the guests to proceed to the buffet table. Instead of the traditional 18 roses, we featured 18 leading men in the lives of the debutant. Her treasures came from her co-writers and wishes from her co-stars. So many different twists to celebrating a young lady's coming of age.
What made the night really special for me was that the “star of the show” was a former grade 1 student of mine. I adored her as a child and she adored me, too. I'd like to claim her knack for writing came from me thanks to the writing corner I put up in our classroom. She's always been a quiet and unassuming girl. For the whole theme to really work out, I told her she had to play the movie star part. She tried her best and by doing so put herself in the league of reluctant movie stars who in real life are quite shy.

When she came around to thanking everyone, she did so in general, but she said a special thanks to me --- teacher Arlyne. I hesitated when she asked me to join their family on stage. But I did. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't cry (which on "normal" occasions, I would have). It was really a night to remember.
Team Zarah: me, Mike, Charrie, Ammy
and Iya (clinging to her hubby's leg).
P.S. By God's grace, our team received a 'bonus' for a job well done and we celebrated with a round of coffee and pastries. Job well done, team!!!

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