Saturday, May 9, 2009

He Should Have Prayed (Mark 8: 27-33)

While discussing the friends of Jesus with my grade two students, one girl expressed her disbelief when I told them that despite denying him three times, Jesus anointed Peter to become our first pope.
“Why, miss?” she asked.

“Why not?” I replied.

“Because he wasn’t a true friend of Jesus,” she answered.

“Well, maybe because he was scared at the time he denied Jesus,” was my defense for “The Rock”.

“Then why didn’t he just ask God to make him brave?” was her retort, the most obvious solution her mind could think of.

My adult mind raced. I wanted to explain that Peter once again allowed his human nature to get the best of him. That like teacher, Peter though he knew better than God. “Okay, Lord, so what do I say to her?” I prayed.

Then with a knowing smile I answered, “You’re right, he should have prayed.”

Guide Question: Is prayer your immediate answer to life’s questions?

Thought for the Day: Do you think you know better than God? Think again.

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