Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You (1-10)

Found this on a friend's blog.  I believe gratitude can change my life.  I know gratitude will change my life.

holy experience

1)  GRACE to know, love and serve God
2)  COMMITMENT and LOVE of Noehl
3)  GOODNESS and LOVE of my folks 
4)  GENEROSITY and LOVE of Romy
5)  LOYALTY and LOVE of friends
6)  affirmations (and frustrations) from community
7)  working in Center for Childhood Education (CCE)     
8)  teaching in Paraclete Tutorial Center (PTC)     
9)  serving with PYM  
10)  for finding this HOLY EXPERIENCE    

Hmmm...a bit too general.  I have 990 to go...I figure it can only get more specific.

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