Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitude Monday (11-20)

holy experience

11)  safety going to work and getting home
12)  mom's asthma isn't so bad anymore
13)  Noehl's humor (even if naiinis ako)
14)  sharing a sundae with a friend
15)  tutoring a pleasant Atenean
16)  the sparkle in a child's eye while watching her favorite Barney video (for the nth time)
17)  Baliwag's lechon manok!
18)  a scheduled family outing in June with Familia Ruz and Familia Acosta
19)  enough resources to buy a tub of Quezo Real
20)  15-minute "Power Naps"

Hmmm...that took a while...medyo naiinis kasi ako before I started, eh.  But I'm better now.  So blessed!=)

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