Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brain Fart: To Text or to Call

Texting really isn't the best way to communicate.  If it were so, we would have each been born with a cellphone tucked under our arm.

I began my morning contemplating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  Then just a few minutes after my personal reflection, I actually offended a very good friend with an exchange of text messages.  She knew my intention was good.  I had actually reworded my initial message 3 times before sending it.  I should have known that if it took such an effort to choose my words, I should have just called her up.  Argh!    

A few months ago, I had already been in a rift with another good friend due to a single text message...and here I was, in almost the same situation.  But before things got out of hand this time around, I called her up already to make amends.

Message to brain:  When a text message requires some rewriting, call the person instead.

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