Thursday, June 2, 2011

PYM Retreat 2011: DARE to Be Holy

May 25-27, 2011
Bukal ng Tipan, CICM Maryhill Compound, Taytay, Rizal

The threat of Typhoon Chedeng failed to stop 18 youth from our parish (St. Therese of the Child Jesus) to take part in this 3-day retreat that Noehl and I so lovingly put together (with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, of course).  It was an empowering retreat for our youth and more so for us, as their coordinators.

DARE is an acronym for Discipleship, Active, Righteous and Excellence.  Our 3-days (technically just 2) saw us engage in an icebreaker, 5 (five) talks, a number of reflection questions to answer, sharing, team building activities, games, fellowship, and so much more to stress on the Spirit's "Dare to Be Holy".  Some highlights of our retreat in pictures:  


We began with the "Balloon Babies" Icebreaker.  The sweet taste of success after two tries!

Reflection after introductory talk.

Session 1: Discipleship

The talk on Discipleship saw our youth give up their prized possessions.  (Note on paper bag in lower right corner: "I ask you why???"  When we explained the reason why before lunch of our final day, the answer had everyone agreeing to the wisdom of letting go of their gadgets.)


Session 2: Active
Team Building Activity #1: Flip the Blanket (before the fall of grace...Grace Sandoval -- young lady in light blue! hahaha!)

Team Building Activity #2:  Back-to-Back

Team Building Activity #3: Blind Polygon

Team Building Activity #4: The Snake Game

Team Building Activity #5:  Count-off (The most stressful TBA...the time they could eat their lunch depended on it!)

LUNCH with a view!

Afterwards, we had our much deserved siesta.  (Dumating tuloy si fr. Neil na walang sumalubong sa!) Then confession at 2pm.  Mass at 3:30pm.  

Session 3: Righteous
That's me giving talk #3...=)

The picture that began the rivalry called: Familia Villamayor.

Game #2: Flick the Bottle Cap  (We failed to take pictures of Game #1:  Arrange Yourselves)

Game #3:  Drop the Blanket

Bonding Activity: Back Stabbing

One of the many frogs (or toad ba ito?) that visited our session hall throughout our retreat.

Obvious bang hindi natuloy ang bonfire namin?!  Kawawa naman ang mga kiddos namin...they were soooo prepared for it.  The late afternoon rain wet our firewood...

...but it didn't dampen their spirit to have fun.  We had an impromptu jamming session, dancing and so much more.  

The rivalry of the "tunay" na Villamayors and "ampon" na Villamayors were heightened during the night's fun...=)  We called it a night at around 11:30pm so as to prepare for our little surprise (thanks to Mike and Iya) for our birthday girl, Abby...

Happy birthday, Abby!

Ang mga naghati-hati sa isang slice ng cheescake...

Ang mga naghatid ng isang slice ng cheescake...


There's a New Generation!

"Popcorn" Prayer (Thanks, Jeff!)

Session 4: Excellence

Personal Commitment

Front row (left to right): me, Gene, Mike, Abby, Trina, Kayen, Knic, Grace, Mike, Jaiza and, Noehl
Back row (left to right): Anatoly, Erwin, Lem, Reffy, Fredrian, Eric, Gab, Alwin, and Adrian

I would have ended with this group picture of ours...but I just had to add these last two pictures to show you that our youth know how to play hard, as much as they pray hard.  Our "Just for Kicks" pictures...

On my right are the "ampons".  On my left, the "tunay na mga Villamayor".
Second to the last photo taken at the retreat house.

All for God's greater glory!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Multitude Monday, May 23, 2011 (31-35)

holy experience

31)  Cheetos Jalapeño
32)  Breakfast buffet at Bag of Beans to celebrate the 4th wedding anniversary of dear friends
33)  SIL is going back to college to become a teacher  (it's never too late to go back to school)
34)  "Pahabol" summer tutees to help augment for PTC's summer rent and bills
35)  Opportunity to serve in the PYM Retreat/Team Building from May 25-27