Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Gift to Thank God For (#51)

Fr. Jerry Orbos gave a talk on Mama Mary this morning at our parish.  Needless to say, our spiritual cup was filled to the brim.=)  So loved by Jesus and Mama Mary!

Fr. Jerry Orbos @ St. Therese of the Child Parish

Here are some points that struck me the most:

Keep your life simple --- like Mama Mary
♥ Stay focused on the following:
    1.  Money can be earned.
    2.  Stupid quarrels can be resolved.
    3.  The life of a loved one is irreplaceable.
    4.  The loss of your soul is your greatest failure.
♥ The Lord and Mama Mary want you to be happy.  
♥ Have a heart that is light and a face that is bright.
♥ Make Mama Mary happy.  Always be joyful!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts to Thank God For (35-50)

holy experience

It's been more than 2 months, can't wait for here I am counting God's gifts on a Sunday:
35)  I thank God for my former gr.7 tutee from AdMU.  He has this front that he doesn't really care about people and I blame it on teenage hormones that have begun raging in his body. This boy really grew on me during the months that I tutored him.  He's working with a new tutor this year and they're doing very well together.  But once in a while, he'd ask if he could sit at my table while waiting for his brother to finish.  Of course I let him, until he gets bumped off by a current tutee of mine.  The other day, I went to the rear of the center to get something, and I passed by his chair.  I greeted him "Good afternoon!" and he nonchalantly returned my greeting.  Then just loud enough for me and his current tutor to hear he goes, "Hey! I miss you."  Awwwww...♥  
36)  I thank God that we've fit in badminton into our schedule.  I look forward to losing weight while engaging in this sport...but how?!  We play at night after work.  So the QIL (Question in Life) is when should we eat, before playing or after?
37)  I thank God that we finally got to attend our HH after how many months...and we have new members joining us!  Praise God!=)
38)  I thank God for opening the doors for us to serve in the parish: PYM, EMHC, Music Ministry, etc.
39)  I thank God that we've finally been able to open a S/A so that we can save up for our trip to...=)
40)  I thank God for my "birthday date" with MK.  HP7 was at the top of the list of our things to do that day.  (We actually watched the FFS and guess how many movie goers there were in our cinema...7!  haha!  Naaliw lang ako.)
41)  I thank God for 38 years of life, love and laughter!
42)  I thank God for my former head teacher who continues to inspire me with her posts in her blogspot.  Check her blog out for yourself: Shine Like Stars.
43)  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to work with Silid Aralan, Inc. again this year.  I look forward to moving forward with all my co-learners.=)
44)  I thank God for giving us manang Thelma and Neneng to help us with our household needs.  Even if they give mom a headache when it comes to remembering things to do...still, they make life so much easier for all of us.  
45)  I thank God for the textbooks on my table...they continually remind me that I need to make exam reviewers for my tutees...NOW NA!  
46)  I thank God for our PYM president.  He's got a good head on his shoulders and a big heart manifested in his service.  I thank God more for his mother, who raised him up properly.  
47)  I thank God for the comeback to the statement, "Iba na ang kabataan ngayon!"  The comeback statement is..."Iba na ang magulang ngayon!"  A reminder to everyone (especially me) that parenting is serious business.  A mother of a friend once told us that parents nowadays are breaking their backs sending their kids to "good schools" but they're forgetting to spend time with their kids.  A point that was stressed by a sharing of one of our PYM members.  Their family gets to eat and visit places that not everybody can afford to go to, they all study in reputable schools, they have gadgets that every teenager would want...but they'd willingly give it all up to spend time with mommy.  
48)  I thank God for my snoring husband.  LOL!
49)  I thank God for the afternoon breeze...
50)  I thank God for His reminder this morning (via the Sunday homily of our parish priest) that He is my lifeguard.