Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Gift to Thank God For (#51)

Fr. Jerry Orbos gave a talk on Mama Mary this morning at our parish.  Needless to say, our spiritual cup was filled to the brim.=)  So loved by Jesus and Mama Mary!

Fr. Jerry Orbos @ St. Therese of the Child Parish

Here are some points that struck me the most:

Keep your life simple --- like Mama Mary
♥ Stay focused on the following:
    1.  Money can be earned.
    2.  Stupid quarrels can be resolved.
    3.  The life of a loved one is irreplaceable.
    4.  The loss of your soul is your greatest failure.
♥ The Lord and Mama Mary want you to be happy.  
♥ Have a heart that is light and a face that is bright.
♥ Make Mama Mary happy.  Always be joyful!



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