Monday, November 4, 2013

One Thousand Gifts to Thank God For (66-75)

66)  October 28, 2013 R & R in Tagaytay with Mike and Iya before THE planning.
67)  Catching up with "birthday boy" kuya Jojo (and the rest of the family) over cups of coffee (still in Tagaytay).
68)  PTC planning (in Tagaytay pa din) last October 29 & 30, 2013 with the guidance of our awesome brother and mentor, Arcie.
69)  2 PTC centers in 4 years!
70)  Sunday mass, breakfast at Rustic Mornings and grocery galore with the folks.
71)  Daddy Rudy is home after a night in the hospital.
72)  50 days before Christmas!
73)  50 days before hubby turns another year older!
74)  52 days before my (not so) baby brother comes home!
75)  Renewed zealousness to protect and pursue my personal prayer time and scripture reading.  

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Joy said...

You're listing your gifts too! I was listing mine on and off in various places - blog, prayer journal, phone app - for a couple of years now, reaching to about 300. Last June, I decided to get the 1000 gifts devotional that has a section for listing gifts. I'm at around 500 now. :)